Four truths about high employment

4 truths about high employment

As we continue the trend of a record number of vacancies and large numbers of people in work, we’re looking at what creates high employment. Read our four truths about employment to find out.

Full-time work is driving employment


The majority of job growth comes from full-time work – accounting for over 75% of the rise in employment since 2010. A recent ONS survey showed that only around 6% of all contracts were based on zero-hours.

A rise in professional occupations


Since 2010, around 70% of the rise in employment has been in managerial, professional and associate professional occupations, which on average pay a higher wage. 

UK nationals make up nearly 9 in 10 of all people in work


The number of British nationals in work is up by 2 million since 2010, making up nearly 9 in 10 of all people in work.

Only one in seven are self-employed


Self-employment only accounts for around one worker in every seven, and the majority of those in self-employment enjoy the flexibility that comes with it.

There are now 818,000 vacancies available at any one time – up by over 350,000 since 2010.  This is just a snapshot – as current vacancies are filled, new ones are being reported all the time.

So while it is good news that we have more people setting up in business for themselves, there are also jobs out there for people who’d prefer to be employees.

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